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A Darfield Veteran – Recollections of Life in India.

May 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times, May 31, 1929

A Darfield Veteran.

Recollections of Life in India.

Mrs. George Carr, of Maude Cottage, Darfield, who is in her 80th year, and is the oldest member of the Darfield, branch of the Mothers Union, has had an interesting career. She was born at Broad Oak, in Dorset, and at the age of eight left school and. was set to work making fishing nets for twopence a day. She later worked in the fields, and at the age of 21 was married to Mr. George Carr, of Darfield, who at that time was a soldier serving with the 10th Hussars, stationed at Brighton.

They were married in 1871, and for a year or so lived in quarters in Hampton Court Palace, and later at Colchester. Then Mr. Carr was drafted to India, and Mrs. Carr went with him. During their stay there occurred a terrible outbreak of cholera among the troops. “The plague,” said Mrs. Carr, “descended like a black cloud upon us. Hundreds died within a week, and my little girl among them. My husband and I spent three months dodging the cholera in the Himalayas.”

Later Mr. Carr was drafted to Calcutta, where he acted as master tailor to the troops. The journey was made in “camel dock,” somewhat resembling a menagerie cage. In those days the accommodation was of the crudest kind. Travel was a nightmare, and food was dear and difficult to get, While in Calcutta Mrs. Carr visited the famous “Black Hole” and that other ghastly souvenir of the Indian Mutiny, the Well of Cawnpore

Mr. Carr took part in the Afghan War, and Mrs. Carr vividly remembers a disaster to the Hussars when they were crossing the river at Kabul, which had been swollen by rain. Nearly half the regiment were washed from their horses’ backs, and though every horse got across, 47 of the ‘ soldiers were drowned and were interred in one grave. Later Mr. and Mrs. Carr spent some years in Lucknow.

On their return to England they settled at Jump, near Wombwell, and finally at Maude Cottage, Darfield, where Mrs. Carr has lived for nearly 40 years. Her husband died a few years ago. Mrs. Carr has taken an active Part in the social life of Darfield, and has been a very prominent member of the various organisations connected with the parish church. She is very interested in gardening, and still does her own plain sewing and even crocheting. She maintains, of course, that the old ways are best, and is surprised at the modern habit of riding short distances. She cannot understand anyone with “a good pair of legs” doing that.

She is very fond of Dorset, her native county, where she spent her holiday last year, and is looking forward to another holiday there this year.

She has seven children all married, and all living in Darfield.