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A Pit Problem – ” Search Your Pockets.”

June 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times, June 21, 1929

A Pit Problem.

” Search Your Pockets.”

“We ask that you will deal with increasing severity in these cases,” said Mr. A. Smith, the Barnsley solicitor, prosecuting for the Houghton Main Colliery Company, in a case in which Tom Broughton, trammer, Darfield, was charged with a breach of the Mines Act by taking a cigarette into the pit. Mr. A. Smith said that all manner of notices bad been exhibited — illuminated signs, “Search your pockets,” etc.—with a view to putting a stop to the offence. These measures, however, seemed to be futile.

Safety appliances were useless if men through sheer carelessness were going to take cigarettes or matches into the mine. When the defendant was searched by Harold Brown and the cigarette shown to him his excuse was that he had been gardening in his pit clothes the previous night and must have left the cigarette in his pocket.

Broughton, pleading guilty, was fined 20s.

The Chairman (Mr. A. J. Bower): Forgetfulnesss is no excuse in these cases. You must be careful. This is the way explosions are caused. If you come here again on a similar offence you will be more severely dealt with.