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Alleged Speeding – Darfield Cyclist Hits Butcher’s Shop

July 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 5, 1929

Alleged Speeding.

Darfield Cyclist Hits Butcher’s Shop

A sequel to a Darfield accident was beard at Barnsley on Wednesday, when James Kay, labourer, Darfield, was charged with riding a bicycle furiously.

P.c. Turner said that at 2-55 on Sunday afternoon he was on duty at the junction of School Street and Church Street, Darfield, when he saw Kay coming Church Street on a bicycle at a very fast pace. When he signalled him to stop he failed to do so, but took the corner at great sped, and crashed into the wall of Mr. Norton Harrison’s butcher’s shop, injuring his head and hand. He was treated at the surgery of Dr. Castle, and afterwards taken home.

Witness said he afterwards examined the machine and found there were no brakes on it. “Had there been any traffic about,” witness added, “he would undoubtedly have been killed.

Defendant sent a note explaining his non- attendance at court. He was ordered to attend next week.