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An Old Reader – Local Native in Pennsylvania

July 1932

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 22 July 1932

An Old Reader

Local Native in Pennsylvania

News of a former Mexborough and Darfield resident, now in America, Mr. Alfred Barber, is forwarded us by Mrs. Illingworth, of North Elmsall.

In a letter of June 25th Mr. Barber says he has just received a copy of this paper “full of interesting news about the great flood through all the low-lying land where I used to live; Mexborough (1851), and Darfield (1960).”

Mr. Barber started work very early and by 1672 was a deputy at Darfield Main and manager of the Yorkshire Penny Bank branch in Darfield. He receives the “Times” regularly and recently saw an account of the birthday celebrations of Mr. Wm. Jobbin, aged 62.

“He was the only companion I ever had. We were bosom pals.”

Mr. Barber says he was pleased to read of a Darfield emigrant in the U.S., a record of long service, and some weddings of interest to him in the same edition. The “Times” is part of his life.

He has visited this country three times since he went to America, the last visit being in 1923. He has also been to Ireland Scotland, Belgium, France, Wales, California. Florida, and for 40 years has resided in Pennsylvania.