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Back of Considerable Experience

20 December 1919

Star Green ‘un – Saturday 20 December 1919

Back of Considerable Experience

In E. Bailey, Darfield St. George’s have a back of considerable experience, and one who, though he has been the game many years is playing as well any time his career.

Some twelve years ago Bailey played his first game with Darfield United, after which he went to Mirfield Town, then in the Central Alliance. His stay there only lasted one season. Wath Athletic next haying the benefit his services, following which he occasionally assisted Darfield Wesley until last season, when he decided to resume Miner League football, and was persuaded throw in his lot with the newly formed Darfield St. George’s club.

Never in the course of his long connection with the game has Bailey showed better form than this season, and the St. George’s club consider themselves lucky to able command the services of such sound man. Besides being fearless tackier and sure kick. Bailey has studied the offside game to such good purpose that many forwards are hopelessly bewildered by his tactics in throwing them off.