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Blackbirds Build On Windowsill Of Darfield Council House.

April 1939

South Yorkshire Times, April 21st 1939.


This is a story of fidelity. It is not a dog this time, but a couple of black birds. All through the cheerless days of last winter Mrs Rostance, wife of Mr Fred Rostance, of 22, West Street, Darfield, despite the birds the pangs of hunger by filling and scraps from the table. For this kind if they rewarded her dealing with song, and now they have carried their gratitude a step further by building a nest on his own windowsill!

Initially it must be one of the most amazing examples of paid truthfulness ever reported. Westray is in the very centre of Darfield; the house where Mr and Mrs Rostance live is in the centre of a housing scheme; children and dogs are constantly in the street; motorcars and hawkers carts pass to and fro throughout the day; they must be The Pilot Night. Yet the Birds Seem Entirely Oblivious to the DB Disturbances. They Know That They are welcome hostages.

The window at which they have built their nest is under a porch which shatters it from the worst of the weather. Through the window Mr and Mrs Rostance are able to watch the nesting operations. Actually the nest in which there now repose three eggs, is only 18 inches from the knob of the front door. Occasionally the birds seem to be peeping through the curtains, but they do not mind the intrusion from inside.