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Church Worship – Listing of Services at 55 Chapels & Churches

February 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 22, 1929

Sunday, February 24th. (Second Sunday in Lent).

(Routine announcements are inserted in this column free; special announcements at the rate of 6d. for seven words, prepaid).


Sheffield Cathedral 10-30, the Rev. A.C. Austen; 6-30, the Archdeacon of Sheffield.

Bolton-On-Dearne Parish Church.-8-0, Low Mass; 11-0, Sung Mass; 6-30, Evensong, the Rev. T. B. Almond (vicar).

Conisborough Parish Church.-8-0, H.C. 10-30 and 6-30, the Rev. H. Lee (vicar).

Denaby Parish Church. — 8-0, H.C.; 0-30 and 6-30, the Rev. S. Powley (vicar).

Darfield Parish Church.-6-30, the Rev. H. Crowther Alwyn, vicar of St. Andrew’s, Hoyland.

Mexborough Parish Church.-8-30, H.C., 10-30, the Rev. .5. A. Taylor; 6-30, the Rev. F. Briggs, D.D. (vicar).

St. George’s, Mexborough. — 8-0, H.0.; 10-30, the Rev. F. Briggs, D.D. (Vicar); 6-30, the Rev. S. A. Taylor.

Swinton Parish Church.-8-0, 10-30 and 6-30, the Rev. T. G. Rogers (vicar).

St. Michael & All Angels, Swinton.- 10-30, 3-30 and 6-30, Mr. S. Parker.

St. Hilda’s, Thurnscoe.-8-0, H.C.; 10-30 and 6-30, the Rev. H. Card.

Wombwell, Parish Church.-9-30 and 11-15, 11 0.; 10-30 and 6-30, the Rev. Canon S. T. G. Smith, MA. (rector).

St. George’s Church, Jump.-8-0, B.C.; 10-30 and 6-30, the Rev. L. J. Carter, M.A.

Broomhill Mission, Wombwell.-6-30, the Rev. R. T. Bailey, B.Sc.


Bolton-On-Dearne.-10-30 and 6-0, Mr. W. Thompson (Mexborough).

Barnburgh 6-0,  Cullngworth, Goldthorpe.

Broomhill,-2.30 and 6-0, Mr. T. K. Stephenson.

Conisborough.-10-45 and 6-0, Mr. D. Wilson, (Mexborough)

Denaby Main.-2-45 and 6-0, Mr. 8. Fletcher (Mexborough).

Goldthorpe.-10-45 and 6-0, the Rev. R. Shepherd.

Mexborough – 10-30 and 6-0, student

Roman Terrace.-10-30 and 6-0, Mr. J. E. Cliff (Mexborough).

Swinton —10-30 and 6-0, the Rev. C. H. Randell

Thurnscoe-10–45 and 6-0, Supply.

Wath —10-30 and 6-0, Mr. R. Rowley, Wombwell

Wombwell.-10-30 and 6-0, Mr. W. Morrison.

Winterwell.-2-30 and 6-0, Mr. W. Tomlinson.



Bolton-On-Dearne.- 10-30 and 6-0, Mr. H. Beaumont.

Billingley.-2-30 and 6-0, Mrs. Lambert,

Conisborough.-10-30 and 6-0, the Rev. A. J. W. Mackay.

Cortonwood-10-30, Mr. J. Sanderson; 6-0, the Rev. J. Williams.

Denaby.-10-30. Mr. H. Greenfield; 6-0, Mr. E. A.. West (Doncaster).

Darfield.-10-30, Mr. E. Westerman.; 6-0, Mr. W. Byron Sharp.

Goldthorpe.-11.-0 and 6-0, Mr. A. Wood, Conisborough.

Hemmingfield.-10-30, Mr. H. Cox; 6-0, Mr. W. Lazenby.

Kilnhurst.-6-0, Mr. E. Meese.

Mexborough-10-30 and 6-0, Mr. 0. Ullyatt.

Roman Terrace.-10-30 and 6-0, Mr. S. Missing.

Swinton.-10-30 and 6-0, Mr. G. Ogley.

Thurnscoe.-10-30 and 6-0, Mr. D. Wilson, Mexbo rough.

Wath-10-30, Mr. C. McMann; 6-0, the Rev. W. Parkinson.

West Melton.-10-30 and 6-0, Pastor W. Lord.

Wombwell.–10-30 and 6-0, Supply.


Mexborough.-10-30 and 6-0, Mr. A, Wood (Conisborough).


Mexborough.-10-30 and 6-30, the Rev. W. Simpson.


Mexborough.-6-0, Mr. 3. Anderson.

Kilnhurst.-6-0, Mr. G. H. Tucker.

Wombwell.-3-0 and 6-0, Mr. Francis (Elsecar).


Bolton-On-Dearne.- 11-30,Master C. WatheY (BoltON ) 6-15, Mr. Rossington (Sheffield). Mexborough 6-30, Dr. Lillie Johnson (NeWcastle).


Conisborough.-6-30 Mr. G. B. Richard (Sheffield).


Goldthorpe Central.-3-0 and 6-30, Mr Hall (Stainforth).

Mexborough.— 3, 6-30 and 8-0, Mrs Fisher, Barnsley,

Wombwell.-3-0, and 6-0. Mrs. Thckett (Sheffield).


Undenominational Church, Swinton 10-45, Pastor ‘Dean: 2-45 and 6-0. Mr. H. Wallace, and Mr. R. Fisher.

Zion Gospel, Mission, Swinton.-10-45, 10I and 6.30, Miss E. Chalmers, of China.