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Colin Camplejohn leaving – The Wheel before the Bus Story !

October 1937

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 1937

Colin Camplejohn to be Licensee

Mr Colin Camplejohn, a well-known figure in local transport circles and manager of the firm of Camplejohn Brothers, is leaving the district to become licensee of Wood Street Hotel, Barnsley, recently vacated by Mr Whittaker, who has removed to the Shakespeare Hotel, Barnsley.

Mr Camplejohn who is 48, went into the motoring business at the age of 16.

He was the first man to drive a motor into Barnsley, about 34 years ago, and also drove the first motor charabanc in Yorkshire.

He has had the longest experience of any engineer in the motoring business locally. He became manager of Camplejohn brothers in 1928.

His reminiscences of the old motoring days are many and varied. He recalls the fact that in his first charabanc passengers had to mount by means of a small ladder, so elevated were the seats. It had a wooden roof and canvas size, which flapped about in the rain. The driver had actually to sit out in the rain.

On one occasion he was driving a party of Broomhill people to Chatsworth House in an old-fashioned omnibus. One of them called out, “There’s a wheel running in front of the bus, Colin.” It turned out to be his own wheel, and passengers had to light and help to lift the vehicle while the wheel was adjusted.

Few, however, in Darfield have not at some time been driven by him, and his steady and capable driving distinguished him as one of the best drivers in the district.

In charitable causes too, he has done useful work, being a member of the Wombwell Old Folks Treat committee and of the Low Valley Children Outing committee.

Mrs Camplejohn is a member of the Lockwood family, well-known business people in Wombwell.

Mr Sidney Camplejohn, one of Mr Camplejohn brothers, is taking over the managership of the motor business, and will reside at the house in Snape Hill vacated by Mr Colin Camplejohn.