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Darfield 3 Monckton 1 – Barnsley Senior League FinaI.

22 April 1919

Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer – Tuesday 22 April 1919

Barnsley Senior League FinaI.

Monckton and Darfield met at Oakwell, Barnsley, before a good crowd, the gate receipts being £5O.

Darfield were the better balanced team, but at half-time Monckton left by a goal scored by Parton.

In the second half, Darfield showed commendable methods and Marsh equalised from penalty.

Fisher scored twice for Darfield, who deservedly won by three goals to one

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 22 April 1919

Barnsley Senior League.

The final of this competition, between Monckton and Darfield, was played on the Oak well ground yesterday, before a fair attendance.

Monckton were soon aggressive, and forced an unproductive corner. Darfield retaliated, and after a good movement, Fisher shot past. From a centre, Downing brought off good gave from Marsh. Parton, for Monckton, forced the Darfield custodian to concede a corner, which, however yielded nothing. Darfield replied, and Marsh shot narrowly past. From a corner Parton put on the-first goal for Monckton.

Halftime; Monckton 1, Darfield 0.

In the second half Darfield improved, and gave the Monckton defence many anxious moments, but Downing saved his side repeatedly. However, he was powerless with a penalty taken Marsh. This success encouraged Darfield, who continued monopolise the play.

Seven minutes before the end Downing was powerless with a great shot from Fisher, which placed Darfield ahead. Fisher scored again minute later.