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Darfield Bridge Come Back.

January 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 4, 1929

Darfield Bridge Come Back.

Herbert Pawson, (picture) Broomhill’s outside left, played a capital game against Darfield Bridge on Saturday. On several occasions he had the worst of luck in not reaching the net.

The match was played at Darfield Bridge and the home team ran out winners by the odd goal in three. Despite the very bad ground conditions some delightful football was witnessed by a large crowd.

In the first half Darfield Bridge had the best of matters and led 2-0 at the interval. Broomhill had been awarded a penalty but failed at the kick. Immediately after the restart Austin scored for Broomhill and from thence to the end the game was fought desperately, with Broomhill, trying hard to equalise. Murray, scored both the Darfield Bridge goals.

This victory has considerably heartened the Bridge team who have had a long sequence of defeats. Broomhill have had a hard time during the holidays, and in addition to Saturday’s reverse, have also lost twice to Middlecliffe Rovers.