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Darfield Church School

January 1967

South Yorkshire Times, January 21st 1967

This photograph of pupils of Darfield Church School (part which is now a toy factory) was taken 48 years ago. Only one name escapes the owner of the print – that of the young lady far from the left in the back row.

The names of the other girls are:

(back row, left to right), Olive Parradine, Bertha Deakin, Irene Nicholls, –?, Betty Roebuck, Beryl Goodall and Flossie Carr

(middle row) Ethel Andrews, Betty Skidmore, Joan Crawford, Andy Fisher, Joan Stansfield and Florence Brammer

(front row) May Royston, Kitty Pearce, Edna Hartshorne, Priscilla Roebuck, Laura Cooper, Connie Dunkley, Mary Alice Alice and Joan Blair

the teacher of the pupils in the full health was Mrs Hemingway