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Darfield Council – Clerk’s Reply to “Black List” Question.

April 1928

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 04 April 1928

Darfield Council.

Clerk’s Reply to “Black List” Question.

At a meeting of the Darfield Urban Council last night, Councillor T. H. Spooner asked whether it was a fact that the Council was on the “black list” financially.

He referred to a statement made at a previous meeting and added, “I am not going to be answered by Councillor Dickinson. I am going to be guided by the Clerk.”

The Clerk fMr. W. Robinson): I don t think we are on the “black list.” We have met all our liabilities to date; owe practically nothing, and we are much under our borrowing powers.

Mir. Spooner: You have not answered yes or no. Are we on tho “black list” ?

The Clerk: I cannot give a more definite answer. I am not aware of any “black list.”

Mr. Dickinson, who made the statement at a previous meeting, asked, “May I rise, Mr. Chairman?”

The Chairman (Mr. T. H. Foulstone): I don t think any point can arise, sir.

Mr. Dickinson remained seated, and the incident closed.

The Council decided to grant the Barnsley Traction Co. licences for ten new buses to run through Darfield.