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Darfield Driver’s Offence – Doncaster Robot

October 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 25, 1929

Doncaster Robot.

Darfield Driver’s Offence.

Amos Camplejohn, motor driver, of Darfield, admitted dangerously driving a motor char-a-banc and was fined 40s., and told the Doncaster magistrates on Monday that in his opinion it would be better to have the Doncaster automatic signal at the Clock corner in the centre of the road rather than at the side.

The Mayor (Mr. I. H. Howarth) told defendant they were not all of that opinion.

The Chief Constable (Mr. J. Clayton) said at 10-23 p.m. on September 12th, Campiejohn drove a motor char-a-bane out of French Gate, Doncaster, into Baxter Gate, over-riding the automatic traffic control. At the time a private car was coming out of Baxter Gate and a collision was narrowly averted, the vehicles stopping within a foot of each other.

There was another vehicle going across from St. Sepulchre Gate into Er.ench Gate.

Defendant reminded the magistrates that this was a race day at Doncatster, and said when he had come into Doncaster four times that week the automatic signal was not operating. On that occasion he looked for the policeman to give him the signal, and it was not until he got on the corner that he realised there wasn’t one there.

He said the road was clear at the time

Mr. Clayton added that the, control could be seen from the North Road bridge, and he knew there was traffic about the crossing.