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Darfield Lorry Driver Dilemma

May 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 20, 1927

Darfield Lorry Driver Dilemma

At Barnsley on Wednesday, Albert E Wormald, Darfield, was summoned for driving a motor car negligently at Wombwell at 5.20 p.m. on April searching.

Superintendent Blacker Jennifer and it was a very heavy motor up Station Road, Wombwell. Just as he got onto the Main Street at the top he pulled the lorry up, and without any indication of what he was going to do allow it to run back sharply.

Behind him was a motorcyclist named Samuel Bellamy. The Motorcycle was knocked over by the lorry, and Bellamy himself had a narrow escape of being run down.

When PC Cowburn spoke to the defendant he replied “it is not my fault.”

Wormald strongly denied that the accident was due to any negligence on his part. On reaching the top of Station Road he found his passage barred by traffic. On the left was a tramcar and on the right a bus. The only thing you could do was to allow the lorry to run backwards and he did after looking around. So far as he could see there was no one in the way.

Evidence bearing out defendant statement was given by Philip White, Butcher of Darfield.

The Chairman (Mr T Norton): It is a very awkward place, but we think you did not exercise sufficient care. You will be fined 10 shillings and costs.