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Darfield Saint Georges Star

22 November 1919

Star Green ‘un – Saturday 22 November 1919

Before the war Stanley Briggs played with Darfield United, but now he is connected with the St. George’s of the same place.

When with the former be operated inside left, but during his Army life he developed into a right back, and it is in this position to-day that find him giving the utmost satisfaction to the St. George’s team and its supporters-in fact, all are proud to possess man of such abilities.

Always the ball and not the man is Briggs’ motto, and though never admitting defeat, his tactics against his opponents who best him are always within the rules of the game.

What more could be said player? On recent form many consider Briggs one of the best backs in the Barnsley League, and seeing that he is only 24 years of age, well-built, and very fast, the St. George s Club will be very lucky, if they manage to keep him for any lengthy period.

Lots of organisation are on the look-out for such a man.