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Darfield Smash – Warmsworth Man’s Responsibility

April 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 8, 1927

Darfield Smash
Warmsworth Man’s Responsibility

An accident on the main Doncaster to Barnsley Road at Darfield on March 21 had a sequel at Barnsley on Wednesday, when Walter Wright of Warmsworth, Doncaster was charged with driving a motor wagon in a dangerous manner.

Superintendent Blacker said Wright was proceeding in the direction of Doncaster. At Middlewood Lodge, where there is a dangerous bend and a descending gradient it was completely on the wrong side. Just at the corner a man name Shipp came in the opposite direction driving a motor lorry laden with coal. He was travelling on the proper side at a moderate pace.

Wright swerved to get on the proper side, but in doing so he caught the other man’s lorry. The axle of Shipp’s lorry was bent and the two front tyres were burst. The lorry were forced right across the road and turned completely round.

When Constable Turner arrived he was unable to trace defendants wheel marks because he had balloon tyres. Shipp’s wheel marks were clearly visible on the proper side of the road.

Defendant pleaded not guilty.

Cross-examined by Mr a Smith (defending), Shipp denied that he losses said that he was responsible for the accident. He admitted that immediately after the accident Wright asked him for his name. He was employed by a man named Martin of Darfield.

Walter James Wright, defendant’s father, who was riding on the lorry, said Shipp ran into them.

Defendant was ordered to pay a fine of 30 shillings and costs.