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Darfield St. Georges 0 Mexborough. 1 – English Cup

11 October 1919

Star Green ‘un – Saturday 11 October 1919

Darfield St. Georges 0 Mexborough. 1

Darfield had choice of ends, and Mexbro’ and to face the sun, and the game opened with few brisk exchanges.

Mexbro’ threatened and Rounds was called upon clear. A smart piece of headwork saved the situation.

Mexbro’ again came forward, and Shaw able to put in shot with much precision which just, skimmed the crossbar. At the other end Darfield forced a corner, from which Walters came near to scoring with a header.

Mexbro’ again pressed, and, forcing a corner, Rounds had great difficulty in clearing. The Mexbro’ forwards were showing fine combination and the Darfield front line were obviously nervy. The Mexbro’ backs. Smelt and Glover, kept a fine defence.

After continued pressure on the left, Redfern centred and Shaw gave the visitors the lead.

Darfield at last raced away on the left, and made smart attempt at goal, which Beech had to handle to clear. Darfield here became distinctly aggressive. Smelt had to retire for several minutes, having been violent collision with the diminutive Turton