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Darfield Urban District Council – Schools Re opened

February 1897

Sheffield independent 23 February 1897

Darfield Urban District Council

This council met in the national school room, presided over by the chairman Mr Joseph Cumber J.P., Mrs C.J.Tyas, the clerk, reported a balance of £397 15s 1d in the treasurer’s hands.

Letters were read from the County Council refusing to confer the powers of a parish council to the Urban Council on the plea that Darfield had no property to deal with.

The Chairman pointed out they had property, and had had an application to sell the pinfold and the coal under it. They also had a stone quarry, and the council wanted to be in a position to deal with them.

The clerk was instructed to point this out to the Local Government Board.

The Rector of Darfield also asked the Chairman to sign a notice convening a meeting to take into consideration erecting a lyen gate at the Parish Church gates, in commemoration of the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

It was pointed out that the council had had the Diamond Jubilee celebration under consideration since November last, and that Mr Sorby was rather late in the field.

The chairman was requested not to sign the notice.

It was reported that scarlet fever and measles were abating, and the schools have been reopened, having been closed seven weeks.