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“Deathless” Fame – Distinction for Darfield

May 1941

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 24 May 1941

“Deathless” Fame

Distinction for Darfield

An appeal to the people of Darfleld to play their part in making a success of the efforts of the Princess Royal to secure the requisite number of blood donors in the county, was made by the Medical Officer (Dr. J. W. Whitworth) at a meeting of Darfield Council on Friday night.

Dr. Whitworth said that on the following Monday a campaign for securing blood donors was to be opened in South Yorkshire, and arrangements had been made for volunteers to enrol at their first aid posts. The posts would be open every day for a fortnight between 10 and 12, 2 and 4, and 6 and Sundays included. Already nearly a hundred names had been received.

“Undying” Fame

Dr. Whitworth reported that during the preceding month there had been twelve births (8 males and 4 females), and no deaths. Cases of infectious disease reported comprised one of scarlet fever, one of lobar pneumonia, and four of whooping cough. The latter complaint showed a tendency to spread. Dr. Whitworth said immunisation against diphtheria would be given in the schools of the district at the latter end of the following week. Already they had got about 130 volunteers for the treatment, these including 66 from Snape Hill Council School, 15 or 16 from the nonprovided school, 39 from Shroggs Head School, and 24 or 25 from the new Modern School.

Coun. R. Randerson said he was pleased the Medical Officer had raised the question because it was discussed at a recent meeting of the Isolation Hospital Committee, on which the Council were represented. They had had five deaths from diphtheria and four from meningitis. When the Medical Officer was asked how many of these had had immunisation treatment his reply was “none.”

A letter was read from the County Council stating that school teachers were not available for appointment as salvage records officers. Coun. J. Hill said this meant that they would have to appoint someone else in place of Mr. Hanks.

Coun H. Clarney: County Councils, like all wise people, sometimes change their minds. The question of making another appointment was referred to committee.

It was agreed in committee that the newly formed Darfield and Great Houghton Youth Movement be allowed free use of the children’s tennis court in the welfare ground on Tuesdays. The wages of an assistant groundsman, Mr. J. Kay, were increased to £ 3 8s. a week.

It was agreed that 2,400 square yards of land at the rear of 1 to 15, Illsley Road, Darfield, be let to Mr. J. W. Herbert at a rental of 1s. 6d. per square yard, plus 5s. per annum for the site of a garage.

Coun. J. W. Camplejohn asked that the letting be carried through as soon as possible so that the tenant could get his land into cultivation.

Couns. Camplejohn and Clarney were appointed to attend a dig-for-victory meeting at Wakefield on May 22nd.

A tender of E 4 15s. each for tile fireplaces in the Nanny Marr housing scheme was accepted. A tender for fixing at £3 18s. each was also accepted, together with an offer of 27s. 6d. for each range taken out.