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Defying Handicap

March 1937

Mexborough and Swinton Times, March 12 1937

Zena, the 14 year old daughter of Mr and Mrs Dawson, was confirmed last week at Emmanuel Church, Leeds, along with 7 other friends from Leeds, Blenheim Road, Blind School.

Zena has been afflicted with total blindness from being a few years old.

The confirmation service was conducted by the Bishop of Fyffe and her parents were present at the ceremony. She is a deeply religious girl, and teaches in the Blind Sunday School. Occasionally when visiting home, she assists with a Sunday School Class at Low Valley Mission.

“I would love to see the alter in our church,” she said to our representative on Saruday and then added, her face lighting up, but I have felt at the pulpit and touched the eagle on the lecturn and perhaps, someday —.”

She read a prayer from her Braille prayer book. “I can pick out every word, given time,” she said.

She has recently won her certificate for swimming, can play the piano, knit and make rugs, and tells the time from her Braille wrist watch.

Voice can play and important part in her summing up of people’s characters. She can tell almost at once from a person’s voice whether she is going to like them or not.