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Dirt Track – Darfield Scheme Ready for Easter – Club’s Enterprise.

February 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 1, 1929

Dirt Track
Darfield Scheme Ready for Easter
Club’s Enterprise.

A scheme for the establishment of motorcycle dirt track racing at New Scarborough, Wombwell, has been put in hand by the Darfield Motor-cycle Club. Work on the track is well advanced, and, given favourable weather, there is a possibility of the first race meeting being arranged for Easter.

The track is being laid in Ings Road on the old coursing field. Whippet racing and other sports have been held there. The site is ideal, and when and when completed the track will be one of the best in Yorkshire. The old coursing ground is bordered on one side by Ings Road, and on the other by the River Dove. The field is 8 acres in extent and practically the whole of it is taken up by the track, which is 60 feet wide all round and measures on the inside exactly a quarter of a mile. The outer edge is being banked and there will be a covering of about three inches of cinders and two thousand loads will be required.

Encircling the track will be a cinder path for spectators, and if attendances warrant it, stand accommodation will be provided later. A motor park is to be provided at the end of Henry Street. Other spectators will enter the enclosure from lngs spectators a

The track will be controlled by the Darfield Motor-cycle Club, who have acquired the use of the ground from Mr. Walter Hinchcliffe under a “pooling” arrangement. Much of the work of construction has been carried out by members of the club. It will probably be the only dirt track in Yorkshire conducted on a club basis.

The chief officials of the club are: President, Mr. Walter Hellewell; secretary, Mr. J. Oxley ; treasurer, Mr. J. Keighley ; committee Messrs. Wilfred Snowden,   G. Keighley, J, Illingworth, W. Charlesworth, K Davis, and G. Rodgers (chairman); assistant secretary, Mr. Phillip Moore.