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Election – Triumph for Low Valley

April 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 6, 1928

The election at Darfield Road attracted no more interest than is customary, though there was something of a rush to the poll toward the end of the day

As a result the position of the parties remains the same, Mr. John William Camplejohn independent, having replaced another independent in- Mr-Ernest Taylor. Polling was fairly heavy.

The election of Mr Camplejohn was a triumph for Low Valley. Mr. Camplejohn put a great amount of energy into the fight. and his victory is a tribute to his powers of organisation. There is a general impression that he will make an excellent councillor. He is the licensee of the Bricklayers’ Arms. Low Valley.

In spite of a strong opposition Mr. Dickinson was returned at the head of the poll with County Alderman Foulstone, the present chairman of the Council, a good second. The two new Labour candidates. Messrs. Worth and Jobling, were well down. the course. The defeat of Mr. E. Taylor will be regretted by more people than voted for him. A man of wide experience and practical ability, he was something of a figure as a local administrator. He has been a member of the Darfield Council for nine years and has rendered valuable service as chairman of the Finance Committee.

Results :—


*George Dickinson, dairyman (Ind.) 634

*Thos. Henry Foulstone, miner (Lab.) 625

Jno. W. Camplejohn, innkeeper (Ina) 610


*Ernest Taylor, colliery sales manager (Ind) 583

Thomas Worth, miner (Lab.) 440

Arthur Jobling, miner (Lab.) 435

*Retiring candidates.