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Fashionable Wedding at Darfield

November 1937

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 19, 1937

Fashionable Wedding at Darfield

Few Darfield residents can recollect a marriage ceremony of more picturesque a nature than that which took place at the Parish Church yesterday, when the only child of Captain and WS. Wood, Miss Anne Eugenie Wood, was married to Mr. Noel Lunn of Huddersfield. The ancient building was filled, while an even larger assembly thronged the churchyard and approaches to the church. The interior of the church had  been strikingly decorated. Three shades of pink carnations, large pink and white chrysanthemums, and fern and palms had been lavishly used. The altar had vases of lilies and a beautiful cream satin altar cloth, presented to the church by the bride’s mother, was used for the first time.

The bride is the daughter of Captain and Mrs. Alphonse Wood, of Cranford Hall, Darfield, and of Outwood, Harrogate, and the bridegroom son of the late Councillor Walter Edmund Sykes Lunn and Mrs. Lunn, late of Rock View, Lynthewaite, Huddersfield. and of London. The bride’s father, Captain Wood is managing director of Wood’s Glass Works, and a brother of the late Mr. Frank Wood. The bridegroom is chairman and managing director of the Bridgecroft Dyeing Co Milnsbridge, near Huddersfield

The bride and her mother (picture) have been very devoted companions, riding and motoring together, and it was the special wish of the bride that her mother should be her chief “dame d’honneur” at the ceremony.

The bridge wore a dress with a high neck-line and close-fitting sleeves. The skirt and long train were cut in one, and over it cascaded a beautiful richly embroidered tulle veil held in place by a halo of waxen orange blossoms and pearls. She carried a sheaf of arum lilies and lilies of the valley. She was accompanied by three “dames d’honneur,” the chief of whom was her mother, who wore a delightful ensemble in a lovely shade of pale grey crepe, the sleeves of which were trimmed with grey fox fur. The dress had a slight train and the bodice and sleeves were intricately embroidered with oxydised beads. She wore a grey tulle Dolly Varden hat, the crown of which was composed entirely of pink waxed violets, and carried a shower bouquet of pink carnations and lilies of the valley. Mrs. Frederick Cox (sister of the bridegroom) and Mrs. Frank Astin were the other “dames d’honneur” and wore graceful gowns of rose pink cloque with short coatees of the same material. The revers and collars were trimmed with silver. The dresses were cut to form short trains and they wore matching pink halo hats of a most unusual design, and carried bouquets of pink carnations and lilies of the valley. Each one had an evening bag to match their gown (gifts of the bridegroom).

The best man was Mr. Geoffrey Dawson, of Huddersfield, and the ushers were Mr. Haslam Wood, Mr. Frederick Cox, Mr. Frank Astin and Mr. Vale.