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First Role with Darfield Dramatic

March 1957

South Yorkshire Times March 30,  1957

First at Darfield

22 years old Margaret Longden, only daughter of Mr and Mrs H London, will play her first role with Darfield dramatic club when she appears as Lilly Green in Walter Macken’s “Home is the Hero.”

A former pupil of Barnsley Girls High School, Margaret took her teachers training course at Lincoln training College and is now on the staff of Great Houghton Primary School.

She has taken an interest in the Darfield Society for some years, and her brother, Jim, who formally resided in this district, at small parts of the Darfield group.

Miss Longden, a Sunday school teacher at Darfield Parish Church, is looking forward to her stage debut, although she admits to being a trifle nervous; however, with each succeeding rehearsal, she is overcoming this.