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Golden Wedding – Mr & Mrs White

December 1939

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 16, 1939

Golden Wedding

WeII known in business circles in Darfield and Wombwell. Mr. and Mrs. Philip White of Snape Hill Road, Darfeld, celebrated their Golden Wedding on Friday.

Mr. White was busy in his butcher’s shop all day, and his wife as usual went about her household duties. Their five sons, three of whom are butchers and live near, and two who reside at home, were with them but three of their four daughters, who live out of the district are all hoping to meet at their parents’ home during Christmas.

Mr. White was born in Warwickshire but came to Yorkshire in early childhood and worked as a blacksmith at Houghton Main when a youth.

He was interested in butchering and a friend named William White, of Wombwell (no relation) taught him the trade. Mr. Philip White recalled that when his friend died a number of years ago and he attended the funeral, the late Vicar of Wombwell, the Rev. Barnes, nearly jumped out of his skin because he thought it was he (Mr. Philip White) and not the other butcher White who had died.

Mr. White was in Belgium visiting Belgian relatives when the Great War broke out. His grandfather, who was also named Willie, settled in Belgium and married there. Mr. White’s mother was a Belgian. Eleven of his Belgian relatives were sent to Darfield as refugees during the last war, and are remembered by many people in the district.

They resided in Cliff House at Quarry Hills, kindly lent by the late Mr. Charles Howard Taylor, of Middlewood Hall. Mr. White is vice-president of Darfield Nursing Association a position he has filled since its formation nearly a quarter of a century ago. He and his wife and family regularly worship at Low Valley Roman Catholic Church, of which they are staunch supporters.

Every Saturday night Mr. White stands in Wombwell market with his stall, and has done so for the last 50 years. He rises at 6-30 a.m. every day and retires almost as punctually at 9-30 p.m. His wife is 70 and came from Staffordshire to Low Valley in girlhood. As a girl she attended the old Church of England School in School Street, Darfield. They were married at St. Helen’s R C Church, Elsecar, by the late Father J. W. Smith. Mr. Kelly who drove them home after the ceremony, still resides at Elsecar. Her only bridesmaid, Mrs. Simpson, is also still living in Darfield, at College Terrace. She has visited Belgium since the war, but she and her husband have not had many holidays since their marriage owing to business and family ties. On Friday Mr. and Mrs. White received a number of greeting cards and a gold damask table cloth. They intend to use the cloth when they give their celebration party at Christmas