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Golden Weddng – Mr & Mrs Hartshorne – Four Sisters to Share Day

November 1957

South Yorkshire Times November 9, 1957

Four SistersĀ To Share “Golden” Day With Darfield Couple

When Mr. and Mrs. John Henry Hartshorne, of 24, Coronation Street, Darfield, celebrate their Golden Wedding tomorrow (Saturday), Mrs. Hartshorne will have four sisters and a brother present to offer their good wishes. One of the sisters, Mrs. Kate Gardner of Goldthorpe, was a bridesmaid at the wedding conducted by the Rector of Darfield, Canon A. E. Sorby, 50 years ago

The golden wedding party at the home of one of the daughters, Mrs. Edna Lancaster, at their shop in Pinfold Lane. Darfield, will be a “surprise item.” This was the expression used by their eldest son. Mr. Eric Hartshorne, who has held the licence of the Bridge Inn. Darfield, for the past four months and for the previous seven years kept an off-licence at Little Houghton. Another son, and three grandchildren will be at the party. Mr. Hartshorne has no relatives living but he certainly will not lack company on this occasion.

Mr. Hartshorne, who is 73, was born at Tipton, Staffs., but his parents brought him to Broomhill when he was only three months old. He attended the village school at Broomhill, and later the church school at Darfield, his parents having moved to Pinfold Lane, Darfleld, next door but one to the house in which lived the little girl who was destined ultimately to be his sweetheart and wife.

He spent practically all his working life at Houghton Main Colliery, from which pit he retired about ten years ago on account of ill heath. The couple were married at Darfield Parish Church on November 7th, 1907.

Mrs. Hartshorne (Ada, aged 72) was born in Pinfold Lane. Darfield, not more than 100 yards from their present address. Before moving to Coronation Street, Darfleld, they spent all the earlier part of their married life at Church View, Darfield Bridge. Other sisters of Mrs. Hartshorne who will attend the party are Mrs. Sarah Stanton of Goldthorpe. Mrs. Maud Deakin of Goldthorpe. and Mrs. Lily Marsden of Darfleld. Her brother, Mr. Henry Worrall of Darfield will also be present. He also was at the original wedding.

Mr. Hartshorne is a member of Darfield Conservative Club and Darfield British Legion Club, and attends both places regularly. He has been secretary of the Darfleld branch of the Sheffield Equalised Order of Druids for about 20 years and was secretary of Dartield Bridge Football Club when they won the Montagu Cup two seasons in succession. He is still keen on football but has to be satisfied with watching it on TV and reading about it in the newspapers. Mrs. Hartshorne is active and in good health but Mr. Hartshorn has to”go easy.”