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“Greater Darfield” Scheme – Vetoed by the Minister of Health

February 1938

Leeds Mercury, Monday, February 28, 1938

“Greater Darfield” Scheme

Vetoed by the Minister of Health

A scheme of amalgamation under which Darfield would have become one of the most Important townships in the Deame Valley, alike in population and area, has been rendered abortive by a decision of the Ministry of Health.

The Department has intimated that, in connection with the review of county districts relating to Darfield, the Minister has come to the conclusion he is not justified in approving the proposals of the County Council.

The scheme, to which there was very little local opposition, provided for the Inclusion in Darfield of the parishes of Great Houghton, Little Houghton and Billingley, the first two in the Rural District of Hemsworth and the last mentioned in the Rural District of Barnsley.

In letter to Darfield Urban Council, the Minister refers to serious rate increases in existing Urban districts to which a number of the Hemsworth parishes would be attached, and states he sees no alternative to disallowing the proposals and continuing the Hemsworth Rural District in being.

Under the proposal the area of Darfield Urban Council would have been more than doubled and the population increased by 3,000 to 4,000. Rejection of the scheme has caused much surprise Darfield.

Although Darfield provides the usual amenities for a mining community, there is no coal mine in the area. The proposals would have brought in two—Houghton Main and Dearne Valley Collieries.