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Holiday Pupils Jeer Friends at School

January 1938

Sheffield Independent – Tuesday 18 January 1938

Holiday Pupils Jeer Friends at School

Difficulties of overlapping school holidays in the Darfield and Barnsley districts were discussed at a Wombwell Education Committee last night.

The Committee decided to extend the summer holidays 29 August, to include Barnsley Feast. Mrs. Poiner said there was considerable confusion in the Low Valley district.

According to complaints made to her by teachers, Darfield children had looked over the school wall while Wombwell children ware drilling and Taunton them with having to go to school while they had another weeks holiday.

Mr. W. Stubbs said the same difficulty arose in regard to Barnsley men working at Wombwell Colliery. They naturally wanted to have their holidays at Barnsley Feast in August, instead at Wombwell Feast in September, with the result that there was considerable disorganisation. He thought the two holidays ought to coincide.

Attendance Affected

The Clerk, Mr. C. Ellison, said experience had shown that many Wombwell people took their holidays at Barnsley Feast, with the result that the Wombwell school attendances were seriously affected during the last week in August.

Mr. Frank Collingridge recollected his own school days and said nothing pleased him better than to be playing in the street while other children were going to school.

At the same time they ought to have some uniformity. They were hoping that before long the principle of week’s holiday with pay would established in the mining districts and then the problem would automatically be solved, as August probably be the month chosen.

The committee place on record their appreciation of the services of Miss F Yarwood, who will retire from the headship of Barnsley Road School on 31st of March.