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Lady Haig at Darfield

October 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 4, 1929

Lady Haig at Darfield

The upper photograph shows (left) Lady Haig arriving at Darfield and being met by Major Vernon Hope, organising secretary for Yorkshire of the British Legion. On the right: Lady Haig inspecting the Darfield Legionaries, Below: Lady Haig speaking in the Darfield Rectory grounds.

With Lady Haigh on the platform are (left to right): Mr. W. Lincoln, secretary of the Darfield branch of the British Legion, Mr. R. Watkin, Mr. T. Llewellyn, the Earl of Wharncliffe, Canon Sorby (rector of Darfield), Mr, T. W. Ilkley, Councillor T. H. Stephenson. In the rear: Major Vernon Hope and Mr. H. Fisher.