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Lights Left on At Shop – “Plenty of Warnings” Says Magistrate

December 1939

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 16, 1939

Limiting Law Breaches Lights Left on At Wombwell Shop

“Plenty of Warnings” Says Magistrate

A series of lighting prosecutions were dealt with at Barnsley on Wednesday.

Arthur Ellis, general dealer, of Wombwell, was fined 20s. for allowing internal lighting to be visible outside his off-licence shop on November 11th.

P.c. Beswick said an electric light was covered by some paper, and there was no curtain over the door. Every time the door opened it gave out a shaft of light.

Ellis told the officer that there were three steps outside his shop, and if he had a curtain over the door customers would be falling down.

The Chairman (Mr. G. H. Norton), imposing the penalty, said there had been plenty of warnings.

Edith M. Batty, manageress of the Meadow Dairy branch at Wombwell, who lives at Wath, was fined 40s. and ordered to pay 6s. costs for a similar offence on November 9th.

P.c. Dolby said at 6 p.m. all the window and shop lights were lit. Telephone calls were made to the police at Wath, and to the head office of the Meadow Dairy Co., to get in touch with someone so that the lights might be turned out.

Miss Batty said it was early closing day. She made a practice of switching all the lights off by the main switch and locking the door up to three months ago when she got an under-manager to help. She made this his duty, and did the job all right up to that day. She thought he had switched the lights off. The lights were left on at 1 p.m. until 6 pm.

The Chairman told Miss Batty her explanation was not at all satisfactory.

Widower’s Plea.

“I am bathing the kids,” said Alfred Miller, miner, of Darfield, when P.c.. Earl spoke to him about a light showing on the night of November 10th, from a ‘bathroom window at his house at North Street.

In Court, Miller said he was in the unfortunate position of having lost his wife last March and being left with three children. He had to bath the children, and on that night his girl went upstairs and switched on the light before he had time to put anything against the window.

He was fined 10s.

For failing to screen a hand torch, James Stevenson, miner, of Wombwell, was fined 20s.

P.c. Dolby said he saw the light being flashed in all directions in High Street on November 24th. When spoken to Stevenson said, “What’s up with you. It’s my torch, people won’t see it.”

He continued flashing the lamp in defiance.