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“Lost” Girl Found – Happy Re-Union at Darfield

January 1938

Mexborough and Swinton Times, January 21, 1938

Lost” Girl Found

Happy Re-Union at Darfield

There was a happy re-union between William Fawcett and her sixteen year old daughter, Elcy, who was “found” on Wednesday after being missing from her home eleven days.

Our representative had just called at Mrs. Fawcett’s on Wednesday morning, when Sergeant Grantham arrived with the good news. He had been in communication with the Doncaster police, who said it was thought Elcy was working in a Doncaster cafe, and was lodging with a Mr and Mrs. Albert Weston, of 109, Cemetery Road, Doncaster.

Almost before the words were out of his mouth Mrs. Fawcett was putting on her coat so as to catch the next Doncaster ‘bus.

On her return from Doncaster on Wednesday afternoon, she told us that Elcy was quite all right. She found her at the address mentioned and her daughter burst into tears when she saw her mother. She said went away because she wanted a situation and was tired of working at home. The situation she had found in the cafe seemed a suitable one, so her mother consented to her remaining there

Elcy intends to spend her “nights off” at home. She was sorry she had so thoughtlessly put her parents to trouble an anxiety.

A daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Fawcett. 51, Barnsley Road, Darfield, she walked out of her home a week last Saturday, presumably to do some shopping for her mother. It was discovered that she took a Doncaster bus from Darfield Bridge at dinner-time that day, and beyond a postcard received by a boy friend, Lawrence Downing, of Kendray, on the Monday following, no word had been heard of her. Her parents were terribly troubled and reported the matter to the police. On Wednesday morning a photograph appeared in the morning newspapers, and it was that which aroused Mr. Weston’s suspicions.. He immediately got in touch with Doncaster Police.