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Luddendenfoot 2 Darfield 6 – Radford’s Hat-Trick Gains Him Trilby Hat

September 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 23, 1927

Radford’s Hat-Trick Gains Him Trilby Hat

Darfield Sweeping Victory

Luddendenfoot 2 Darfield 6

Darfield again demonstrated their powers as cup fighters by a smashing victory at Luddendenfoot on Saturday, and a great feat was achieved by Bernard Radford (picture), the former Wombwell and Wath player. He scored three goals and this performance delighted the Darfield supporters that they presented him with a new trilby hat.

In the financial sense it was a hollow drive, for Darfield, on balancing things up, found there were £4 out of pocket. The attendance was poor. With 60 supporters present Darfield were nearly as well represented as Luddendenfoot.

It was soon apparent that Darfield was a superior side. The game was not more than 10 minutes old when Radford smartly headed into the net, and five minutes later Coulson scored a second goal. Occasionally Luddendenfoot return the attack but made no impression on the Darfield defence.

Another centre by Moore enabled Chivers to head Darfield’s third goal. Soon afterwards the same play again got the ball it in but Radford was offside.

Luddendenfoot. Improved in the second half but never rose to the point of offering Darfield serious challenge. Soon after resuming Radford headed a fourth  goal, again from Moore’s centre.

It was a mistake by Foster that enabled Luddendenfoot to reduce the lead through Jackson.

In the pass by Chivers gave Radford opportunity to score his third goal, and further goals were scored by Hatfield for Luddendenfoot and Chivers for Darfield.