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Marconigrams – August 15th, 1942

August 1942

South Yorkshire Times – Saturday 15 August 1942


The income of the Montagu Hospital for the month of July reached a record high level in the history of the institution.

Plans are afoot for the organisation of an ambitious flower and vegetable show next year in aid of the funds of the Mexborough Montagu Hospital.

It was reported at a meeting of Darfield Parochial Church Council on Tuesday that the death watch beetle had not yet been eradicated entirely from the woodwork of the church.

The underground broadcast from Barnburgh Main Colliery on Sunday is timed for 4-30, and will finish at 4-55. In addition to being transmitted to South Africa the concert will be included in the Forces programme.

Chief Petty Officer William Alfred Chilton, who comes from Hull, but who has made his home at 51, Station Road, Wombwell, has just been informed that he has been mentioned in despatches for good work at sea. He is 53.

A ‘Potato Week” in support of the Mexborough Montagu Hospital is being held from Sept. 20th to Sept. 26th, and will be backed by allotment associations in the Hospital’s area. The Hospital uses a hundredweight of potatoes per day.

As from Monday, Wath Urban Council are helping to alleviate the Swinton water supply position by giving a supply of 100,000 gallons per day for the next four weeks. This assistance is to tide Swinton over the period before the pumping machinery is installed at the new borehole which is being connected with the town’s supply.

Yorkshire has contributed six towards a total of 57 convictions obtained in July by the R.S.P.C.A. for cruelty to animals. This is an increase of one over the month of June. 1942, but compares very favourably with the total of 74 for July, 1941. Cruelty to horses and dogs are the most numerous —14 and 10 respectively—while there were eight cases of cruelty to sheep (twice that of June), five to cattle, three each to cats and fowls, and one each to pigs and ducks. During July, 1942, five persons were disqualified from keeping a dog or holding a dog licence, under the Cruelty to Dogs Act, for periods of two years up to life.

Darfield’s holidays-at-home week programme commences on Monday.

The Mexborough Comforts Gala, held on Saturday, realised £150, with prospects of this amount being further augmented.

Pte. Leonard Lawson, a Wombwell soldier who is a prisoner of war in Germany, has learned enough German to be able to act as an interpreter.

“Absence makes the war last longer” is a phrase used by the Dearne Valley Colliery Company in a pamphlet appeal to their workmen for increased output.

Mr. J. A. Hall, J.P., Yorkshire Miners’ President, returned to London on Wednesday for further

Owing to extreme pressure on our space, the report of the monthly meeting of the Board of Management of the Montagu Hospital, held last night, has been held over until next week.

Members of the British Legion are conducting a salvage campaign for gramophone records, from which valuable quantities of shellac, which is useful in wartime industry, can be obtained.

To-morrow (Saturday) afternoon there will be an exchange of plaques between Naval officers and representatives of Conisbrough National Savings Committee to commemorate the success of Conisbrough’s Warship Week. As a result of the Warship Week Conisbrough “adopted” Motor Torpedo Boat 215.