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Marconigrams – Januaey 05th, 1934

January 1934

South Yorkshire Times, January 5th 1934


The “Royal Scot” will be on exhibition in Sheffield on January 19th.

“Influenza is abroad” says a writer. Let us hope it stays there – “Punch.”

The late Mr. G. H. Hirst, M.P. Darfield, left estate of the value of £451.

The rainfall in the West Riding last year was the lowest recorded for forty years.

The annual meeting of subscribers to the Montagu Hospital will be held on February 26th.

An early-rising cook surprised burglars in a suburban house recently.  It would surprise anybody – “Punch.”

The quota of permitted output in Yorkshire mines during January is 70 per cent, the same as in December.

The Mexborough group of Toc H have undertaken the reconditioning of the wireless receiving installation at Montagu Hospital.

The Wath-on-Dearne Urban Council are applying for sanction to proceed with schemes of waterworks and sewage disposal works costing £7,908.

A Mexborough family possesses a Bible, in an excellent state of preservation, which was printed in 1588, and appears to have been a “chained” Bible.

A bride married at Wombwell Parish Church on New Year’s Day was driven to church by her grandfather who celebrated his “golden wedding” two years ago.

The Minister of Labour has reappointed Mr. George Baker, O.B.E. of Greno House, Swinton, chairman of the Mexborough and District Employment Committee.

The Wath-on-Dearne Urban District Council and the Bolton-on-Dearne Urban District Council dispatched the business of their monthly meetings on Tuesday in ten minutes.

Mr. Seth Kilner, of Field House, Stairfoot, formerly of the Half Way House Hotel, Wombwell, and head of a famous cricketing family, left £3,770 (net personality £2,703.

Mr. T. L. Soar, formerly manager of the Barnburgh Colliery, has been recommended by the Doncaster Rural District Council for appointment to the West Riding magistracy.

Mr. Reginald Hill, of Wombwell, formerly assistant to the Clerk to the Wombwell Urban District Council, has been appointed Assistant Town Clerk of Gillingham, Kent.

“What a wise and good parent would desire for his own children a nation must desire for all children” – Sir Percy Jackson, chairman of the West Riding Education Committee.

There was a gratifying improvement in the financial position of the Montagu Hospital during December.  The income was £1,948 16s 11d, the expenditure £1,070 11s 11d and the bank overdraft was reduced to £543 5s.

Mr. Donald C. Stuart, assistant locomotive superintendent at Ardsley Wakefield, has been appointed superintendent of the Mexborough locomotive depot, in succession to Mr. T. Morris, retired.

Mr. George Thomas Cutts, 29, Pottery Yard, Wath-on-Dearne, has been awarded £15 and a certificate by the Carnegie Heroes Trust, for recovering at great personal risk, the body of a boy who fell down into a disused mine shaft at Newhill last June.

Referring to depression and unemployment, the Rev. R.J. Jones, curate in charge of Jump, Wombwell writes “The districts of Jump and Hemingfield make it impossible for any Christian (with any feeling) to enjoy a care-free Christmastide.

There was a further improvement in the trading ascertainment in the Yorkshire coalfield for November, which brings the true wage level to 2.59 per cent below the agreed minimum, leaving a deficiency of £26,172 to be added to the wages debt.

The Mitchell Main Collieries have been granted a considerable increase in their standard tonnage for quota purposes and have also been allotted a separate tonnage for their Silkstone seam which is accordingly being re-opened, and a considerable number of unemployed miners in the Wombwell district will in consequence be re-employed.