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Marconigrams – July 29th, 1932

July 1932

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 29 July 1932


Work will commence next week on a new Labour Exchange to be erected in Mexborough.

Over 400 applications have been received for the tenancies of fifty new Council houses at Mexborough.

According to Dr. Grayson, insects have no sense of time. Yet we have never known a midge to be late for a picnic.

Nearly 2000 men at Wombwell, Darfield and Hickleton pits have received notice this week, and 500 more will receive notice at Manvers Main shortly.

Since the arrest of their building programme the West Riding Education Committee have dispensed with the services of eleven school architects.

Messrs. John Baker and Bessemer Ltd. of Rotherham and Kilnhurst have received an order for wheels and axles for use on the Danish State Railways.

Old Silkstone Collieries Ltd., owners of a number of South Yorkshire collieries including Goldthorpe, have passed their dividend for the seventh year running.

At a children’s service in the Hooton Pannell vicarage garden last Saturday, the Vicar of Bolton-on-Dearne (Mr. Almond) accompanied the singing on a cornet.

Heard at the Barnsley West Biding Police Court: The magistrate: I thought all Liberals were teetotal? The Clerk: These are National Liberals.

The Blackball Colliery Band is to give two concerts in the grounds of Hickleton Hall on Saturday afternoon and evening, and Major-General Sir Frederick Maurice, President of the British Legion, will preside over each.

Mr. T. F. S. Brass, M.A. and Mr. J. Brass, B.Sc., sons of Mr. J. Brass, managing director of the Houghton Main Colliery, have both been successful in obtaining their first-class Certificates of competency under the Coal Mines Act.

The Health Committee of Durham County Council recommend the appointment of Dr. John Forrest Hamilton, formerly of Mexborough, as resident medical officer of the Richard Murray Hospital, at a commencing salary of £460, rising to £500.