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Marconigrams – June 12th, 1931

June 1931

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 12 June 1931


The pit-head baths being erected at the Cadeby pit are expected to be completed by November.

The Darfield Nursing Association has been endowed with a gift of from the Miners Welfare Fund.

Coal Exports from the Humber last month amount to only 128,044 tons, which is nearly 80,000 tone less than the exports for May, 1930.

The Rouse of Lords on Wednesday gave a second reading to the Bill to continue the Miners’ Welfare Fund for a further five years.

Mr. John Swinbank, headmaster of Brackenhill School, Ackworth, has been appointed headmaster of South Kirkby Council School.

A delegate conference of the Miners’ Federation to consider the policy to be adopted with regard to hours and wages has been fixed for June 23.

South Yorkshire has a balance of over £40,000 of its Miners’ Welfare Fund allocation yet to spend, excluding current contracts already let.

The Board of Control has appointed Dr. J. J. Huey, of Mexborough, for the purpose of making recommendations under the Mental Treatment Act, 1930.

Dr. A. B. Dunne, medical officer for the Doncaster rural district, expressed the opinion that the modern colliery village has reached its maximum practicable size.

Nominations close to-day in connection with the by-election at Conisborough for the seat on the West Riding County Council vacated by Mr. Arthur Roberts. ‘There are likely to be four candidates.