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Marconigrams – March 20, 1931

March 1931

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 20 March 1931


A memorial to Lord Irwin’s viceroyalty is to be erected in Delhi.

“There have been some bonny lads round this table.”—Councillor Mark Nokes, J.P., Thurnscoe.

Mexborough U.D.C. are proposing coordination of fire-fighting services among neighbouring local authorities.

Mr. Noel Coward’s operetta, “Bitter Sweet.” will be withdrawn on Saturday and will then have had 702 performances.

“The body of serious crime in this country is greater to-day than it has been during the last 60 years.”—Mr. Justice McCardie.

Soviet Russia is not satisfied that Free Trade England is cutting its throat fast enough, and is sending us safety razor blades at ten a penny.

The Dearne Valley Water Board has reduced its water charges from 11 ¼ per cent., on the gross assessable value of the property supplied, to 10 per cent.

A prosecution arising out of alleged maladministration of Manvers Main miners’ funds is due to be heard by the West Riding magistrates at Doncaster on March 31st.

Mr. B. W. Grantham, engineer and surveyor to the Thurnscoe Urban District Council, has been appointed to a similar post under the Ware (Herts) Urban District Council.

Mr. Charles Hanmer is fitting up a film studio at Goldthorpe for his production of “Black Diamonds,” and has taken commodious premises for that purpose for the whole summer.

“What sort of a show has he got?” asked one theatre manager about another. “Oh, ‘Boy Scout’; you know.” “How do you mean, ‘Boy Scout ?” ‘Well, one good turn a night.”

Mr. H. Foulstone (Darfield), Mr. Thos. Tomlinson (Elsecar), and Mr. John Newton (Cudworth) have been re-elected aldermen of the West Hiding, and by-elections in their divisions will be necessary.

“I am not very anxious to help private members’ bills. I think there ought to be a way of making it difficult for all sorts of happy thoughts to get on to the statute book.”—Mr. Winston Churchill.

Sir James Hinchcliffe, chairman of the West Riding County Council, is to preside over a national conference on Public Assistance, to be held in the Central Rail. Westminster, next Monday and Tuesday.

The L.N.E.R. Musical Society are giving a concert in the Doncaster Corn Exchange on Sunday afternoon with a choir of 930 voices and an orchestra of 100 instruments, drawn from all over the Company’s system.

The number of registered unemployed on March 9 was 2,691,737, an increase in the week of 57,163. Much of the increase was due to the temporary stoppages in the coalmining industry in the North-east and Midlands.

A conference on Safety in Mines under the chairmanship Mr. L. Shinwell, Secretary for the Department, is to be held in the Victoria Hall. Sheffield, on Saturday. April 11th, and will be addressed by Sir Henry Walker, Chief Inspection of mines; Mr. E. 11. Fraser. Divisional Inspector: Professor Wheeler, Director of research stations under the Satety in Mines Research hoard, and Major H. M. Hudspeth, mining engineer to the Research Board.