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Missing Jewellery – Young Woman Teacher Remanded at Barnsley.

December 1927

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Saturday 24 December 1927

Missing Jewellery.

Young Woman Teacher Remanded at Barnsley.

When Elsie Farrar (22), single, of Stockport, was charged at Barnsley yesterday with stealing jewellery belonging to Sarah Moore, Darfield, whose house she had lodged, she replied: “I am going to say nothing.”

Superintendent Blacker said defendant was a school teacher employed by the County Council, and until September was engaged at school at Darfield. When she left Mrs. Moore’s house on December 14th she had obtained a post as a governess. He added that believed that she had been paying some debts for a young man at Wombwell.

Defendant: That is a lie.

Superintendent Blacker suggested that defendant should remanded in gaol for one week to bring her to her senses.

‘‘l will tell you why I have adopted this attitude,’’ said the accused. “When I was arrested at Stockport, the inspector accused me of something which I knew nothing about.”

The Clerk: What about this charge Do you still refuse to plead?—Yes. I was told that other charges, which I knew nothing, would be fixed on me. I suppose it will be the same if I plead guilty to all the lot. I will plead guilty.

The Superintendent said it was no use the woman pleading guilty if she was not guilty. She was remanded for one week in custody.