Home Sports Cricket Mitchell Main 140 for 1  Darfield  96

Mitchell Main 140 for 1  Darfield  96

23 August 1919

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 23, 1919

Mitchell Main 140 for 1  Darfield  96

Mitchell Main brought off another of their dazzling nine wickets victories, at the expense of Darfield, who were dismissed by Senior, Lakin and Utting for 96.

Jim Senior was in fine form with the ball, and took 6 for 17. Cohn Kilner, back from Allerton Bywater water (who, by the way, won a brilliant victory over Lofthouse the same afternoon) joined his brother Norman in a big second wicket stand, the former scoring 55 and the latter 50, both not out. The victory was very useful, for, with Brampton, going down at Wath, it gave Mitchell Main a fresh grip on the championship.

Wath Athletic 108 for 1  Brampton  99

One of the old time “gates” resulted in the match between Wath Athletic and Bampton. When in the South Yorkshire League competition there was always an assured gate of big proportions when the teams met together.

The attendance was more pronounced on Saturday, the visitors bringing a large number of supporters, and coupled with the support accorded to the home team, there was a record  gate.

Brampton, as the “infants” in the Mexborough League, have every reason to be proud of their position in the, League table. They have earned it by all-round good cricket and whether it was a wise proceeding on the part of the Wath Committee to place practically their first team in the field against their neighbours, we leave it; but it was by no means relished by the Brampton supporters, and during the progress of the game there was a certain amount of  “jollying” amongst the spectators of a mild, and at times more pronounced type, which continued until Wath went in to bat; but it is hoped that with the end of the match there is also an end of the ill-feeling which marked this feature.

Batting first, Brampton lost S. Thomas with only 2 runs scored. Cutts fell to Hakin after scoring 8runs, and Hickling was bowled by Deighton after ‘making 7. But

Wadsworth, however, entered to bat steadily, and when G. Waddington joined, both batsmen increased the score. With the score at 56 Morris bowled Waddington, and Deighton, who had come on again, got Wadsworth’s wicket. Both batsmen had batted well for 21 and 18 respectively. A. Turton was batting well when Deighton upset his wicket, and also W. Reader’s, with. only two more runs added. Heaton and W. Scholey were the only other batsmen to make a stand. Irving Sleight dismissed Sokell by a brilliant catch off Feirn in the long field after a tremendous hit, and the same fielder smartly took Scholey in the slips off Morris after scoring 10. Heaton carried out his bat for a well-played 18.

Morris was the most successful bowler with 2 wickets for five runs. Deighton had 6 for 50.

Brampton scored 99, and even with this score there were budding hopes and anticipations that Wath would fail to reach his total, especially when S. Thomas skittled Morris’s wicket with only 11 runs on the board. Irving Turner and Tom Hakin, however, played so well together and defied the bowling attacks of Sokell, Thomas, Waddington, and Casson, that they rapidly gained on the visitors’ score, boundaries being so prolific that by brilliant cricket made 50 each, and shortly afterwards the game was won with only one wicket lost.