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Mr. C. Clarkson Studying In London

March 1939

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 31, 1939

Mr. C. Clarkson Studying In London

Home on holiday at Wombwell at present is Mr. Colin Clarkson, the 21-years’-old artist son of Mr. Norman Clarkson, an engine winder at Darfleld Main Colliery, and Mrs. Clarkson, of “Burfield,” 3, Kingsway, Hough Lane, Wombwell.

He is now studying at the Slade School of Fine Art, London, on a County Art Scholarship, and is at the peak of a fine school record.

Born in Snape Hill, Darfield, Colin Clarkson won a County Minor Scholarship at Kings Road, Wombwell, on which he attended Wath Grammar School. Subsequently the family removed to Upton, where, he continued his studies at Hemsworth Grammar School where at the age of 14 ½ he matriculated.

This was tenable either at the Royal College of Art, or the Slade School of Fine Art., and he chose the latter. He has been studying in London since October 1917.

Important Bid Next Year.

Next year he will show his work for the Diploma in Fine Art, and if he does not succeed it will be the first time in the course of his whole career of study that he has failed.    Mr Clarkson has studied art in a fairly wide field but has a preference for oils. At present he is designing the cover of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art students’ magazine.

The specimens of his own work of which he has a fine collection at home are shown only to special friends and others who are genuinely interested in the study.

All reveal the touch of genius and high culture.  One of his favourite specimens is a self-portrait painted through a mirror. He has also wrought a fine model of the head of his sister. He has designed and constructed a bedroom suite with a quite professional finish and achieved striking examples of interior decoration in his own home.

The progress of this very promising student in art will be watched with