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Mr. Timothy Harding, of Darfield

May 1938

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 13, 1938

Congratulations to Mr. Timothy Harding, of Darfield, on attaining the eighty-second anniversary of his birthday.

Born in Barnsley, he attended an elementary school and became monitor and pupil teacher. In 1878 he was accepted as Queen’s Scholar at Westminster Training College.

Incidentally in September, 1878, he was privileged to witness the placing in position of Cleopatra’s Needle on the Thames Embankment.

In 1880 Mr. Harding was appointed headmaster of the Bakewell Wesleyan School, where he remained five years. In 1886 he took charge of the Low Valley Wesleyan School as head. In 1910 he was transferred to the new Darfield Council School and remained there until his retirement.

During the whole of his career he has been an ardent Co-operator and was elected to the Education Committee of the Barnsley Co-operative Society in 1990.

Last August Mr. Harding retired “in favour of someone Younger”