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New Wombwell Venture – An Inter-Track Race – Brilliant Success

August 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times, August 30, 1929

New Wombwell Venture.

An Inter-Track Race.

Wombwell made their debut in inter-track racing at Nottingham on Saturday night when they encountered Nottingham in the Northern Dirt Track Owners Association Knock-out Competition. The visitors were defeated by twelve points, but they had a chance of recouping themselves last night, when the return fixture was staged at Wombwell. Wombwell had more than their share of bad luck. In the ordinary races the Wombwell riders acquitted themselves creditably.

In the first handicap race four Wombwell riders appeared in the final. A. Fantozzi was the winner, B. Hall finished second, and Jim Chambers was fourth Broadside Hall also won the Golden Gaunt let. He received a great ovation on riding round the track wearing the trophy.

Wombwell, Speedway.

Last Night’s Racing.

Brilliant Success for Wombwell

Scenes of unprecedented enthusiasm occurred at Wombwell Speedway last night, when Wombwell ousted Nottingham from the Northern Dirt Track Owners’ Knock-out Competition. The meeting produced intensely keen riding, and the issue was in doubt up to the last race of the series. Wombwell made best use and knowledge of the track and showed superiority of tactics that amazed the on-lookers. Charlie Ward, from Darfield, (picture) made the fine time of 1-44 3/5ths in the last race.

Wombwell started with a heavy deficit for the meeting last Saturday at Nottingham ended with Nottingham 33 to Wombwell 23. Wombwell last night started badly, but made a brilliant recovery and needed the first and second place in the last race to win. Ward and Broadside Ball (Wombwell) came over the line in that order to give Wombwell victory by 38-24 on the night and 61-23 on the match. Fred Ledger (Wombwell) won all his heats.


Junior ┬áHandicap: 1 C Hindley. Sheffield; 2. W O’Neal. Barnsley (2); 3 H Race, Rotherham (2); time, 1-33.

Knock-out Competition: Match points, Wombwell 61. Nottingham 59.

Senior Handicap: 1 B Hall, Sheffield; 2 D Jones. Sheffield; 3 W Platts, Sheffield; time, 1-43.