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Pride of Low Valley – Gay Old Goer that has Done Half a Million

December 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 2, 1927

Pride of Low Valley
Gay old Goer that has Done Half a Million

A striking illustration in the development of motor car construction is furnished by the photograph herewith. This vehicle, a 1904 Humber, is owned by Mr. James Stringfellow. Pitt Street, Darfield. It was originally owned by the late Col. T. W. Mitchell, and was one of the first motor cars seen in South Yorkshire.

On the death of Col. Mitchell it was acquired by the late Mr. James Camplejohn (formerly manager of Darfield Main Colliery) who passed it on to his nephew, the present owner. The registration number is C5054, and has been in regular use for 23 years.

In point of reliability it compares favourably with some modern and more prepossessing models, and its powers were demonstrated some two or three weeks ago, when it competed in an “old crocks’ ” race from London to Brighton. In this event the ears started at one minute intervals. The “Pride of Low Valley” started fortieth and finished fifth, covering the distance of 59 miles without a stop in two hours and twenty minutes. The journey to and from London was a more notable sweet.

Mr. Stringfellow left Low Valley at 6 p.m. and arrived in London 9 ¾ hours later. The journey to and from London was accomplished without a hitch.

The car has many interesting features. It was constructed as an open car, and there is no wind screen. In order to give access to the back seats one of the front seats swings out. The wheel frames are of wood, and it is fitted with the old-fashioned drip-feed oil system. The car reminds us that while there have been big changes in motor-car architecture, practically all the old mechanical principles are still employed.

Mr. Stringfellow is intensely proud his “limousine.” Although it has traveled half a million miles, it is in an excellent state of preservation.