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Record Entry for Wombwell and Darfield Title.

November 1927

Sheffield Independent – Saturday 19 November 1927

Record Entry for Wombwell and Darfield Title.

The Wombwell and Darfield District  Amateur Billiards Championship is likely to provide keen billiards during the coining winter months.

A record entry has been received and a new element of competition is introduced by the Dearne District Tramways Club joining the competition.

The clubs now interested are Wombwell Reform, Darfield Conservative. Wombwell W.M.C., Wombwell Conservative, Dearne District Tramways, Wombwell Temperance, Womhwell Main W.M.C.. Heminglield W.M.C., and Jump .M.C.

The competition is again being run in support of the National Institution for the Blind.

The first draw is as follows  Preliminary Round.—J. Cook (Trams)  v R Burdon (Darfield C.); J. Powell (Wombwell W.M.C.) v. N. Clayton (Wombwell Temp)

First Round:

T Oughton (Wombwell W.M.C.) v A Taylor (Darfield Conservative)

W Woodall (Wombwell Temperance) v C Gallaghan (Wombwell Conservative)

W Millingham (Darfield Conservative) v J Walton (Wombwell Conservative )

A Roscie (Hemingfield) v J Buxton (Wombwell Main)

J Glancy (Wombwell Conservative) v J Jarvis (Hemingfield)

H Burdon (Wombwell Reform) v J Richardson (Wombwell Reform)

JW Peake (Jump) v J Leach (Wombwell Reform)

E Hutchings (Dearne Tramways) v E Townend (Wombwell Main)

E Machin (Hemingfield) v H Mercer (Tramways)

F Cooper (Tramways) v J Goodwin (Wombwell Reform)

J Cook (Tramways) or R Burdon (Reform) v E Guest (Wombwell Conservative)

J Woodall (Wombwell W.M.C.) v J Price (Jump)

E Stables (Darfield Conservative) v H Spencer (Wombwell W.M.C.)

H Wragg (Wombwell WMC) v  A Lowell (Wombwell Conservative)

G Richardson (Wombwell Reform) v G (Darfield Conservative)

C Crofts (Wombwell Conservative) v F Goldthorpe (Darfield Conservative)

H Hargate (Wombwell Main) v H Haywood (Hemingfield)

G Boyd (Hemingfield) v A Wormald (Darfield Conservative)

J Rowe (Hemingfield) v F Scrivener (Wombwell Reform)

T Watson (Wombwell BMC) v F Gardner (Wombwell WMC)

S Hazzard (Wombwell Conservative) v J Peate (Jump)

J Hunsley (Wombwell Conservative) v O Johnson (Wombwell Reform)

J Rolfe (Wombwell Reform) v A Burkinshaw (Hemingfield )

J Clark (Hemingfield) v J Henshall (Wombwell Main)

G Burkinshaw (Darfield Conservative) v G Wilson (Wombwell Temperance)

E Spence (Jump) v D Macaulay (Tramways)

F Shepard (Wombwell WMC) v J hazard (Wombwell Conservative)

A Wilson (Wombwell Conservative) v J Greenfield (Jump)

J Powell or N Clayton v W Newman ( Wombwell WMC)

J Fowler (Wombwell WMC ) v D Parkin (Wombwell WMC)

W Allcock (Tramways) b A Jolly (Jump)

V Burrows (Wombwell Conservative) v H Tuckett (Jump)


To be played not later than Tuesday, January 4th