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Robbing a Hospital – Darfield Miner’s Despicable Fraud

April 1907

Sheffield Evening Telegraph April 18, 1907

Robbing a Hospital
Darfield Miner’s Despicable Fraud

What Mr Rideal described as a mean, miserable offence, was alleged against a Darfield miner named George Turner, at the Barnsley West Riding Court this morning. Turner was charged of having stolen, as bailee £4 9s 9d , monies collected by him on behalf of the Barnsley Beckett Hospital.

Mr Rideal explained that the defendant was a member of the Darfield Hospital Sunday Committee, and as such, went round with the secretary to the various places where collecting boxes were deposited for the purpose of receiving contributions to the hospital fund.

On 28 August he received £4 9s 9d from these boxes, and it was his duty to hand this money over to the secretary in order that it might be passed on to the treasurer. He neglected to do this, and also neglected to answer or take notice of letters that were written to him by the secretary.

Before proceedings were instituted, however, Mr Pearce, chairman of the Darfield Committee, also wrote him to letters, and on Friday 14th defendant replied:

“I write to tell you I can’t pay the money on Thursday night, as I am on afternoon shifts. As regards the £4 9s 9d, I will settle it on Monday, as there is plenty of time to send the money in. The last day of this month will do, as they don’t reckon their balance sheets up while March. Read this letter to the committee, and let them discuss the matter.”

Defendant did not carry out the promise, and was written to again by Mr Pearce. He replied:

“I write you this letter to let you know that I will forward the £4 9s 9d on Thursday, February 28, without delay. Please write back if that will do, with the bearer of the note.”

He did not forward the money, Mr Rideal added, and not being able to obtain payment, the committee placed the matter before the Barnsley hospital authorities and Mr Pawsey, the hom secretary wrote defendant, also without effect, though legal proceedings were threatened.

In consequence that summonses was taken out, and he was instructed on behalf of the Darfield Committee and Mr Pawsey to ask that due punishment should be inflicted on account of the miserable nature of this offence.

Evidence was given by William Bagshaw, a mining, of Darfield, the local secretary, and Jacob Pearce, the chairman.

Defendant pleaded guilty, but made no defence was sent to jail for two months hard labour.