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Skittles at Darfield – Fereday’s Fruitful Spell.

May 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 18 1928

Skittles at Darfield

Fereday’s Fruitful Spell.

The South Yorkshire Chemical Works innings at Darfield on Saturday was extremely short—but for Hawke and Buckley it have been a procession indeed, for they scored all but two of the side’s runs!

The cause of the trouble was Fereday, Darfield’s medium pace bowler aided and abetted by Joe Wilkinson. Between them they had to bowl no more than 9 overs and 4 balls.

Fereday sent down only 28 deliveries and with them took 6 wickets for 6 runs. Wilkinson took 4 for 20 and just failed to reach the half-century with the bat.

Fletcher took 5 wickets for 50 runs for S.Y.C.


Darfield: S Anderson lbw b Fletcher 28, W Wilks c and b Senior 28, J Wilkin b, Fletcher 49, N Fereday b Fletcher 5, Galloway run out 3, M Bray c Senior b Roberts 30, T Roberts c Clennell b Roberts 0 J Birkinshaw b Fletcher 8, A Smith not out 0, A Spencer b Fletcher 7,H Smith not out  0 extras 12,total 171.

S.Y.C.W. W Hawke B Wilkinson 14, S Lee b Fereday 0 Buckley c and b Wilkinson 10, C Priest  c Wilkinson b Fereday 0, T Clennell b Fereday 0, H Fletcher b Fereday 1, G Senior b Fereday 0, G Bennett b Wilkinson 1, W Chappell b Fereday 0, W Morley b Wilkinson 0, S Roberts not out 0 Extras 0 Total 26