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Soldier – Baxter D. – Veteran Hero Decorated at Pontefract

February 1918

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 16, 1918

Darfield Soldier Honoured

Veteran Hero Decorated at Pontefract

Sergeant D Baxter, M.M., M.S.M.(Royal Engineers) was invited to Pontefract on Monday to receive the decoration which he has won by gallantry and devotion to duty in France during the past two and half years.

In making the presentation, Colonel Smith said to the men who had been called on parade to witness the event:

“it gives me the greatest possible pleasure today to confer upon sergeant instructor Baxter two medals, which is a great distinction to any man in the British Army.

In the first instance the Military Medal was given for laying and following a charge which completely demolished the enemy’s defences. The second man was granted for an instance where in charge along with others demolished another enemy defence, and also for continuous devotion to duty.

Amongst those present were the wife and family of Sergeant Baxter.

Sergeant Baxter left Darfield the same evening for France.