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Soldier – Bowden, William – Prisoner of War.

May 1941

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 24 May 1941

Prisoner of War.

William Bowden, who resided with his sister, Mrs. Noah Harley, at Church Street, Darfield, before the war, and is now a prisoner of war in Germany, has recently written to say that at last he has had letters from home.

It is a year since he was made prisoner, and although the family have had several letters from him, he always mentioned that he was longing to hear from them. Now he appears to have received two or three letters, one of which he says was dated October 1st. 1940. He received it at the end of January.

He says he is keeping well, though he has often been better, and is working when the weather allows it at his old job (bricklaying). He continues, “I keep looking forward to letters now. You cannot write too often. Books and a little bit of clothing especially socks will be most welcome, and I suppose the Red Cross will instruct you how to send them.”