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Soldier – Greenhow, Albert – Killed by Enemy Shell

October 1918

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 26, 1918

Private Albert Greenhow
M.T., A.S.C.

Private Greenhow Stonyford road, Low Valley, has been killed by an enemy shell.

He enlisted in June 1916.

His wife has learned the following details from a section officer:

“Pte Albert Greenhow was killed in the course of duty on ‘October 13. An enemy shell hit his lorry and he was killed outright. Under the name of ‘Yorky’ he was liked and respected by everybody. He was quite one of the leading spirits on the column. His droll humour and cheery spirit did much to lighten the common task of his mates out here. He was’ a mate and friend to all of us.

In carrying out   duty your husband was always cool and collected and was known as a man amongst men. His loss is keenly felt and regretted by every man on the column. We all offer you our deepest sympathy and are sad that we, can do no more. A suitable place is being chosen for his burial Laid every mark of respect and honour will be paid to him.       The censoring having been one of my duties, I am aware of the bond of love and friendship that exists between you, and can thus realise a little of the extent of your loss. I am very sorry and I hope that time will deal kindly with you.

If I can answer any questions or help you in any way please write to me.

In the name of all the men of the column I send you our deepest sympathy.”

From C.W.G.C.:

Service Number M2/188133
Died 03/10/1918
Mechanical Transport
Army Service Corps
attd Siege Park
Canadian Corps