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Soldier – Vizzard, Fred – Party in Prison Letter from Soldier

June 1941

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 21, 1941

Party in Prison

Letter from Low Valley Soldier

Mr. and Mrs. George Vizzard. of 58, George Street, Low Valley, have had a cheerful letter from their son, Guardsman Fred Vizzard (21), who was taken prisoner by the Germans at Boulogne a little over a year ago. In it he refers to the fact that he has attained the age of 21, and mentions a party at which they had beer.

” I am very glad to be able to tell you,” he writes, ” that I have had one parcel of clothing from you. The last letter I had was dated March 18th.”

Vizzard attained his majority on May 3rd. and on the same day he wrote: ” It feels O.K. to be 21. After writing this letter I am going to a party I am having. We got a Red Cross parcel and managed to get some beer, so we are having a ‘ singsong.’ The only thing that is missing is all of you back there.”

Vizzard also mentions that he had a birthday card from his sister (Mrs. E. Turner, 2, Greasbrough Road, Rotherham), on April 27th. He says he will be able to talk another language when he gets back.

He says it was snowing hard in Germany on May 3rd, and concludes by telling all at home to keep their chins up and keep smiling as the war cannot last for ever. Vizzard worked as a haulage hand at Houghton Main before joining up early 1939.